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Meant as a tribute to women, love and poetry, this site contains over 700 acrostics in english and in French. The more interesting poems being Acrostic Crosswords, a hybrid between acrostics and crosswords.

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Acrostic Poem For Your smile

You fAncIfy AfrEsh All AxioMs ShufFling All 
Out, LauNch NorMs iN a LoonY sCoopIng brEeze. I fall 
Unto LovE maDe BakeD grOundS; I buRn. FiRing beauty 
Raw hUrlS liVe RadiUm; CracKliNg sEcretlY, bursty 
SorceRouS emOtiOns Nab OddlY. ThreAding Mad 
My plEasEd tWinIng LustFul WakIng Rush, A nomad 
ImploSioN caScaDes Out ElegAntLy, EtchinG 
Lit iMpaCt sTovEs. CrazEd, ReaL grAce glItters. Then, soothing, 
ExistEncE flOweRs. KeenLy, DreAmfuL, my Core melts. 
Your smile allures me in essence and vows to embroider and unlock a loco feel, my skyward scintilla fire, a real aery magic
Diagonally: you own me & are lovely