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English (Acrostic poem)

A vieW thaT is Well EmbedDed in too many,
CruncHes tHem wIth eXtra-Obliterating pain.
HurdlEs ovErfilL vivIdly Their minds. In Vain,
In siNisteR sheLls, So abHorent, on their knee,
EffetE, thEy blAme, TheorIze about their luck but
Vail VeritIes. What Sour Nonsense! Why can't they see?
ExcusEs miSeducAte, Tone Ghastly... get them stuck.
RepaiR, beAutifY, boOst, Sway life; set yourself free.

Achiever - whenever there is a will, a way exists to do things

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