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English (Acrostic poem)

MagMa exhAusT's nuT sWirls DynAmize Crazily.
InsAne fiRe Heat fOrgEs firEwoRks. sHeer passion
CentrifugEs A fun GodLy strAngE satiAtion.
HumBly, sWeeTly, dEepLy, I RelAx. A Richly
EasEful fOrce exciTes heavenwaRdly. Momently
LulLing, RinGing cHorAlly mY bEst drEams, a sweet
LulLaby, DevOted, EdeN's snOwbAll, pRiceless,
EndEars, Softly spReaDs, blUntLy melts... I am speechless

Michelle - ma belle are words that go, together well and, dear, you are a real charmer

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